In Memorium

These are my four-legged friends that I have lost over the years.

That's Emma on the top and Obi-Wan on the bottom. They were given to me in 1978 when they were a little over a year old by a friend who was leaving town to go to college in another state.

Emma passed away in 1992 at the age of 16. Obi-Wan passed away a year later.

Emma was the fighter who protected our yard from any invaders. Obi was the quiet spoken type, somewhat like his namesake. If you came to visit me, you wouldn't even have noticed he was around.

Emma and Obi-Wan

Gorilla This is Gorilla. He was about 8 years old when he adopted us. He was a mangy old stray who probably sired most of my other kitties.

He ended up being a diabetic for many years and passed away in 1994 at around 18.

He wasn't afraid of anyone or any cat but got along with everyone.

He got his name from his size, he was about 18 pounds when he was adopted.

This is Siggerson or "Siggy". He was another stray that just came by for dinner and stayed 12 years.

He had a lot of geriatric problems and had lost a lot of weight when this photo was taken..

He was taking my XK-E for a spin in this picture.

He died in the fall of 1999.


Gorilla That's Patches on the far left with one of her daugthers Patchette. She came by to have her kittens in my garage and decide to move in with us.

She was a neurotic cat and often walked around with a pair of my socks in her mouth crying and pretending it was one of her babies.

She had heart problems and passed away in September of 2000 at around 15 years of age.

She is survived by her daughters, Patchette, Ringers, and Shadow, who was Sir-Bugs soul mate and girlfriend.

This is TV as in "Black and White TV". He was about 10 years old when he left us. He was a stray who loved everyone.

He had the most amusing little "Mip, Mip" meow.

He often slept on his back with his legs in the air and one paw covering his eyes. Very unuusual as cats try to protect their stomach from attack.

He died in February of 2001 from cancer. He was an indoor cat for the last 5 years of his life.


Smokette This is Smokette. She was a stray that came to our house 15 years ago to have her kittens.

She was never a "people friendly" cat and only tolerated us because we gave her food and shelter.

She learned to like us later in life as she developed heart problems and needed medication every day.

She passed away in her sleep on September 05, 2001.

She is survived by her daughter Mittens and son Lil Guy. Lil Guy and Sir-Bug were best of friends and inseperable.

This is Sir-Bug. His was the hardest loss that I've had to endure.

We adopted him in 1994 after Obi-Wan passed away. He was abandoned by a neighbor. He was about a year old at the time.

We had taken him to the vet early in August 2001 for a routine dental. They found a growth under his tongue and biopsied it. It was squamous cell cancer. The prognosis was less than 30 days before it would take him.

He died on October 09, 2001. The cancer spread so fast that it was causing internal bleeding.

We felt so helpless as there was nothing that could be done. Ironically, the only vet visits he ever had was for neutering, vaccinations and teeth cleaning. His girlfriend Shadow still misses him.


Whitie This is Whitie. He came by on a July 4th about 10 years ago with a big ugly sore on his leg where he had been bitten.

We cleaned him up, gave him antibiotics and healed his wounds.

He was a very friendly cat and was always first to the food bowl. He used to like to stand at the screen door and yell at me as I was working in the garage.

He had congestive heart problems the last few years of his life and passed away on May 16, 2002 from a heart attack.

This is Blue Boy, AKA "Boobers". He was abandoned by his mother on our car port some 14 years ago, along with his two sisters. He was about one week old.

We bottle fed them at night and the girls at the vet's office bottle fed them during the day.

He had a big mouth for such a little cat. We often called him "Big-Mouth Billy Boobers".

He had diabetes the last 4 years or so of his life. It may have been inherited as Gorilla was his father.

He passed away on May 28, 2002 from complications due to his diabetes. He is missed and loved by his two sisters, Purps and Pinkie, and his lifelong girlfriend, Dustie.

Blue Boy

Missy On the left is Missie. She was only with us for about 3 years. Here she is with one of her boyfriends, Adolph.

She preferred older men and was inseperable from Whitie, who passed away 3 weeks before her.

She had immune system problems and passed away on June 05, 2002 from pneumonia.

On the right is Adolph. He was just over 13. He apparently had been a carrier of feline leukemia all of his life but the disease did not develop until March of 2002.

We had him on imuregulan shots every two weeks and he actully was normal until November.

He had developed a tumor on his liver and by December 23, 2002 he was unable to stand up any longer. He will be sadly missed because every cat that he met was his friend.


December 1990
July 2004
Mittens/Baby Girl Oct 1, 1990 - July 9, 2004

Mittens was the daughter of Smokette and Gorilla. She was a vocal cat and her purr could drown out passing jets.

She was a survivor. She was diagnosed with diabetes at age 10 after being hospitalized for nearly being in a ketoacidosis coma. She pulled through and her diabetes was reasonably maintained with diet and insulin. Diabetes appears to be somewhat hereditary as her father had it as well as her half brother, Blue-Boy.

She was hospitalized again at age 12 when she had a massive heart failure. But once again, the miracle kitty pulled another life out of the hat and was actually able to live a normal life with medication.

She finally was unable to pull off another miracle when she threw a clot that blocked her pulmonary arteries. She was 13 years, 9 months, and 9 days old.

She is survived by her brother Little Guy and sadly missed by her adopted daughter Patchette and her half sister Purps. She will be remembered in our hearts forever.

Buddy - January 23, 2006

Buddy was a Siamese that came by to visit in 1992 and stayed.

He was about 12 years old then, according to the vet. He was a fighter and had the ears to prove it.

He was another of my many diabetic cats, being diagnosed around 1999. He was a difficult cat to control and his blood sugar often was in the 500's but he showed no clinical signs like ketones in the urine..

He had a massive internal hemorage in July of 2005 but we were able to pull him through with a transfusion and medication. He survived until January 2006 when he had a stroke.

He will be missed forever as he was the referee whenever one of our other cats started a ruckus. He would always run to the disturbance and start smacking everyone until he broke up the fight.


Helen Keller - June, 2006

Helen was escorted to our house by her mom. She could not see and once mom saw that she was going to be taken care of, she never came back. The girls at the vet named her after Helen Keller.

She had something wrong with her eyes because they were clouded over and she had little or no vision. The vet thinks it was because of a diet deficiency..

After a few months, her eyes cleared up and were a beautiful blue. The vet thought she probably saw double but was able to function well.

She lived a long and happy life. She was at least 18 when she passed away from a stroke..

It took her boyfriend Troy several weeks to get over her loss. He would run to the door everytime we opened it to look for her. She was a sweet thing and will be missed by all.

Flash - October 17, 2007

Flash was one of three very wild kittens that we captured nearly 17 years ago. He and his sister Mischief stayed with us and his brother Eclipse went with a friend.

He was never a lap kitty but was always social and enjoyed the company of the other cats. He partnered with another male cat that we have named Blackie and they were inseperable. He would often stand in the middle of the room and yell until Blackie came to him and they would snuggle together.

He was fine in the morning but we found him in the evening under the dining room table barely consious. A quick trip to the vet confimrmed that he was blind and may have had a stroke so we had to let him go.

He will be greatly missed by Blackie and all of his companions.


Pinky Pinky
Pinky - March 13, 2008

It's hard to talk about Pinky because she was one of those wonderful companions that are hard to describe. She was one of three kittens that were left on our doorstep by her mother when she was less than a week old. We bottle fed her and her brother and sister during the evening and took her to Pets Plus during the day where the wonderful girls took care of her until we got home.

She was such an incredible kitty. She was always adventurous and loving.

As she got older, she developed diabetes like her brother Blue Boy. Gorilla was her father so it was probably hereditary. But the technology and insulin had changed to the point that it was very easy to keep her regulated. She eventually suffered many of the symptoms of diabetes like blindness but that didn't stop her from being a loveable lap kitty. She loved to sit in my lap and get brushed and would "head butt" me and bite and lick my nose.

On March 13, 2008, I noticed that she was having problems standing and rushed her to the wonderful people at Animal Care Center in Green Valley. Unfortunately she had ruptured a vessel in her lungs and they were full of blood.

She was 17 years 8 months and 12 days old. She is survived by her sister Purps, shown on the right of the bottom photo. She will be missed by all including her boyfriend, Little Guy.

Mischief - 1990 - September 2008

Mischief was one of three very wild kitties that we adopted in 1990. Her brother was Flash. She also had another brother, Eclipse which we gave to a friend.

She wasn't a lap kitty but was very sociable and would often head for her playpen cage to sleep at night. I think she felt secure there and would love to let us brush her but only when she was in her playpen.

She was another of my elderly renal failure cats that needed medication and sub-Q fluids during her last years.


pt PT - 1990 - November 3, 2008

PT was called that because we already had one calico, Patchette when we adopted her. She looked a lot like Patchette so she was "Patchettes Twin" or PT for short.

She was an incredibly friendly cat and very demanding. When she wanted to be petted she let you know that it was required NOW!

She had arthritis in her old age and that along with the renal issues made it difficult to treat her. She finally passed away from renal failure on November 3, 2008

I miss her because she was my laptop and always wanted to sit in my lap when I was on the computer.

Ringers - April 13, 1990 - November 4, 2008

Ringers was one of four kittens from mommy Patches. We kept three of them and gave Ringers twin to a friend.

Ringers was a loveable cat and her purr could be heard for blocks. She loved to be brushed and was everyones friend.

She developed high blood pressure and in spite of her medication lost her sight for the last year she was with us. That didn't stop her from exploring the whole house though. She had a couple of small strokes toward the end then one big one on November 4. We had to let her go as she was in severe pain. .

She is survived by her sisters Patchette and Shadow.


Dusty Dusty - 1990 - December 13, 2008

Dusty's mother BeBe was a wild cat that had four kittens. Only two survived, Dusty and her brother Blackie.

Dusty was not a lap cat but she had several friends that she hung around with. Ringers, Purps, and Little Guy were her best friends. They used to sleep on the bed curled up in a ball where you couldn't tell where one ended and the other began.

She started having renal issues and got used to us giving her medication and sub-Q fluids but that didn't mean she liked us!

She got to the point where she would tolerate us brushing her and even liked to be petted under the chin. But then she would get tired of us, hiss and go somewhere else to be with her friends. She finally passed away due to kidney failure.

Purps - 1990 - June 12, 2009

Purps was one of three kittens abandoned on our car port by her mother when she was about a week old. Her brother Blue Boy and sister Pinky passed away before her. She survived the longest even though she was the runt of the litter.

Purps was very vocal like her brother and sister. She had a meow that sounded like it came from a cat three times her size.

She started having blood pressure issues and finally went blind due to it.

She still was able to find her way around and it didn't slow her down any. We had taken her to the vet in late May for a checkup and everything seemed fine considering her problems. Two and a half weeks later, she died due to a massive cancer that destroyed her red blood cells. The vet was heartbroken and said we had no way of knowing because the cancer was extremely fast growing.

When they were just a week old, we used to drop her and her brother and sister off at the vet in the morning and the girls would bottle feed them. We would pick them up in the evenings. She was a great companion and we will always miss her.

She is on the right with her boy friend Little Guy.


Snuggles Snuggles - August 17, 2009

Snuggles was a stray we adopted several years ago..

She was a mommies girl and didn't care for me very much but she loved for Donna to hold and pet her.

We rushed her to the emergency vet on August 15 because she was having trouble breathing. They found her full of fluids and removed them. She seemed much better. They diagnosed her as having a heart condition and prescribed medications for her.

We brought her home on August 16 and sometime during the night, she died. Her boy friends Lancelot, Troy, and Tigger are just heartbroken and miss her.

Our regular vet looked at the x-rays and said she had less than a 10% chance of surviving due to her heart condition.

Litttle Guy - October 1, 1990 - December 3, 2009

Little Guy was my special friend. He was Mittens brother. He was my "laptop" always sitting in my lap when I was playing with the computer. When he was just a few days old, he got an eye infection and it left his right eye with a scar. That was the reason we kept him as no one wanted a kitten that wasn't perfect.

He was very vocal and would come up to you and yell for attention at the top of his lungs.

During the last few years of his life, he developed a stricture in his large colon and occasionally would have "poopy" issues and sometimes needed an enema to clear it..

He also had arthritis and needed pain medication to control it but it never stopped him from climbing or jumping onto the bathroom sink where he loved to drink water "fresh" from the faucet, until near the end

I had taken him to the vet for a checkup on December 3 because he was having problems with balance and seemed confused. That's when we learned his pancreas was failing..

Purps on the right was one of his girlfriends. She passed away in June 2009. He is survived by his other girlfriend Shadow who still goes searching the house for him..

Little Guy

Daddy Cat Daddy Cat - December 3, 2009

Daddy Cat was a wild kitty that came to us about 12 years ago.

He and his mate, Mommy Cat had four kittens and we caught them all and adopted them.

About two years ago, Daddy had a seizure and I rushed him to the vet. They saved him and we thought the seizure was caused by head trauma due to a fall. Earlier this year, he had another seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy. We again managed to get him back to normal. In the middle of November he had another seizure and we got that under control and increased his meds. He seemed OK for about a week then started having problems again.

We took him to the vet where he stayed a couple of days. Then due to the last neurological episode, he was unable to poop or pee. Dan felt that what caused the epilepsy was a tumor in his brain that had grown to the point that it was causing constant seizures whenever the phenobarb was reduced.

Since he would never again be able to be seizure free and was unable to maintain his bodily functions, we had no other choice. He is survived by Mommy Cat and two of his daughters, Speckles and Bashful.

Patchette - April 13, 1990 - March 16, 2010

Patchette was the first of four kittens born to Mommy Patches on Good Friday in April 1990. Because I worked for a Catholic hospital, I had the day off and saw Patches give birth to her girls.

Patchette was a colorful kitty and up until the last year of her life, very sociable.

During the last year of her life, she got to where she would stake out certain locations to get away from the crowd. Every 6 weeks or so, she would move to another location.

She had slowed down a lot during the last months but still loved to jump up on the bathroom sink and drink water "fresh" from the sink, like her former friend "Lil Guy."

She was also a climber. One of her favorite roosts was on top of the kitchen cabinets!

Patchette is survived by her only remaining sister Shadow, shown here on the right.

Patchette Patchette

Shadowt Shadow - 2010

Shadow (one the right) was one of the first cats that we adopted.

Her mom, Patches had her on Good Friday in 1990. After the four kittens were a few weeks old, she brought them into the house and his them behimd the sofa.

Shadow was the last survivor. She had been diagnosed with lung cancer several years before but with treatment it didn't seem to bother her.

She fell down one day and I rushed her to the vet. They said she had a mnor stroke but was recovering OK. When I went to pick her up, she crashed again and died later that evening.

She was a loveable cat and preferred blondes for her boyfriends. She was Sir Bugs mate and after he died, she took up with Peanut, another blond male. Peanut is the only one left of the original group.

Garfield - February 10, 2011

Garfield was another of our special strays. He started showing up about five years ago and it didn't take long for him to want us to pet him.

He was a fighter and his ears and the scars on his head showed it.

For the first couple of years, he didn't want to have anything to do with coming inside and slept in the garage on my XK-E or sometimes in the bonnet. I always had to check to make sure he wasn't there when I took it for a drive.

Eventually, he started coming inside. He would test us by meowing at the door to make sure he could still go outside.

He finally decided he wanted to be an indoor cat and for the last year or so, never wanted outside although he would stand at the kitchen door and yell at me if I was working in the garage.

He loved sleeping on the bed with me and would be curl up next to my feet or head. He would often pounce on me in the middle of the night and make bread on my chest.

He got sick in June of 2010 and I took him to the vet, thinking he had a cold. Tests showed that he had advanced lung cancer which is apparently fairly common in cats. Shadow also had it and lived for over four years after being first diagnosed.

We put him on a regimen of B12 and antibiotics and he pulled through and became more of a lap kitty for six months. Then in January of 2011 he had a relapse and we discovered that the cancer had spread and he was anemic. We started him on epogen and he bounced back again.

The vet warned us that the epogen which was causing him to produce more red cells might stimulate the cancer as well. In January, he caught another cold but we got him over that but he started slowing down and the lymph nodes in his neck became inflamed with the cancer.

By February 10, the cancer had grown so fast that he was barely eating and couldn't hardly stand so we had to make the hard decision.

I loved him dearly as he was my lap kitty that often sat on my lap while I played on the computer.

We buried him in our private graveyard next to all of the others. His little casket says, "Daddies Boy and Mommies Joy, We will love you always." I buried him with his favorite catnip mouse that he used to throw around and bring to me to play with.

It always breaks my heart to say goodbye to them. He was about 15 years old.

Garfield Garfield

To be continued....

Were it not for the wonderful people at Animal Care Center of Green Valley, many of my friends would not have lived their long and loving lives. A special thanks to Dr. Dan, and all the other people who make it possible for animals such as these to have a quality life.

Rev Feb 10, 2011 GWC