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Part 3 - An Evening at the Drive-in Theater

My wife and I love the drive-in theater. The E-Type is the ultimate classy convertable to enjoy an evening of movies under the stars.

This is the pre-show preparations. Unfortunately you need to leave the spare home if you want to take a cooler!

Hopefully we won't have a flat along the way. The drive-in is about 4 miles from our house so we should be safe.

Preparation for the movies

Waiting at the Drive-In Waiting in line for the box offices to open. Not quite the first car in line tonight but close!

My wife jumped out of the car to take this photo.

We average about 45 - 50 visits to the drive-in every year!

Here we are parked in theater number 4.

I like to park near the back of the theater because it's a shorter trip to the restrooms.

This night I had to move as an SUV parked in front of me.

It was my turn to get out and take the photo.

DeAnza DI - Screen 4.

DeAnza DI - Screen 1 This is a view of screen number 1. This is the original screen from the single screen days.

Screen 1 is about 40 feet by 80 feet while the other three screens are about 40 feet by 60 feet.

Screen 1 is also about 150 feet farther from the projection booth and not as bright as the other three screens.

Later Shot of XK-E This is a later picture of the E-Type. I don't know if you can read the personalized license plate but it says "70ETYPE"

This is the screen in theater #2.

This is me sitting on the car. The T-shirt I am wearing is from the "Big Mo" drive-in theater in Monetta SC.

It is run by enthusiasts Richard and Lisa Boaz..

Monetta T-Shirt

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