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Part 2 - The Cat Awakens!

Here he comes! Like many a restorer before him, the maiden voyage is sans bonnet and doors.

This was on Saturday, September 18, 1999. This is the first time this car has moved under it's own power since 1989.

George's  E-Type

George in the E-Type There he goes, down the proverbial cul-de-sac!

Pulling into the drive. The E-Type is quite a bit smaller than the Datsun 240Z which is quite a bit smaller than most contemporary cars!

Dan Mooney remarked that the grin sometimes had to be surgically removed after that first drive. He was right!

Into the Drive.

Into the Garage. Putting it away for a while. One happy owner!

Left side of the car showing the manifolds, alternator, etc

This picture is actually a week or so later. The door is on and the battery has magically changed brands! 

Left Side Engine

Right Side Engine This is the right side of the engine. The purists will probably hate me for this but I found a set of triple SU's and manifold from a Series 1 4.2 liter so I decided to use them instead of the original Stromberg carbs that came on my '70 S2 OTS.

The thing growing out of the radiator in the upper right is actually the low voltage landscape light along my driveway!

Rear view of the car a few days later. I stuck the hardtop on to get it out of the way. I need to build a rack to store it up against the garage roof when it's not on the car. 

I need to put the bumpers on next.

There's that pesky landscape light again! 

Left Side Engine

Bonnet Here I am disassembling the bonnet. The bonnet is actually off a 1969 2+2 "parts car". This thing is UGLY and may not be salvageable.

You can see that the late 1969 cars had the holes drilled for the lighted side markers as did the 1970. My car is a 1970 so the lights will go back on.

The SU carb you see in the right is actually on the engine from my original 1973 Datsun 240Z. When I get the E-Type done, it's next in line for restoration. 

This is a close up of one of the most hideous botches I have to deal with. Unfortunately, this is the center section of the bonnet.

You can see where they heated small spots to shrink the metal but didn't even fix the gouged metal or even paint the underside of the bonnet. 

The wings are in great shape as are all of the other panels except the center and the lower valance. I will post some photos of that later.

Botched Bonnet

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