Our Restoration Projects

Here's my "Dr. Strangelove" shot. I had the engine and tranny on the dolly you saw before and the car up in the air. The next step was to roll it under the car, let the car back down and lift the engine up to attach the mounts.

Yes, those are drive-in theater speakers and poles you see lined up on the right of the garage. That's one of my other hobbies.

Dr Strangelove?

My First E-Type Here's a rare black & white Polaroid shot of me in June of 1968 with my first e-type. The car was a '64 OTS and I was a month short of my 22nd birthday.

You can barely see the Arizona temporary license on the right front windscreen. Also note the white tonneau cover that was tucked behind the seats.

I paid a Princely sum of $3,400 for the car at the time. I drove it as a daily driver until March of 1973 when I bought my brown Datsun 240Z seen below.

Here's a shot of my 1970 S2 OTS now. It's still not quite finished but it's been on the road now for a little over 2 years.

I am working on the original ugly bonnet you saw in previous pictures and when it's done, I'll swap it for the bonnet that is currently on the car.

My 1970 OTS

Brown 1973 Datsun 240Z Here's a picture of one of my other future restoration projects. This is my original, one owner, 1973 Datsun 240Z taken in 1973 . You can still see the dealer promo plate on the front. What you can't see in this picture was my '64 E-Type OTS that was parked across the parking lot in front of the Z. Wish I had kept the '64 OTS and taken better care of both cars!

Here's my daily driver, a '73 240Z. It needs a new paint job but it's mechanically sound. Unfortunately, it has a later '76 280Z engine and 5-speed so it can never be a "matching numbers" car, but it's fun to drive.

Someday, they're all going to be restored to as nearly factory original as I can make them.

Blue 1973 Datsun 240Z

Silver - Blue 1974 Datsun 260Z This is my silver - blue '74 260Z that I picked up because it was a "good deal". It just needs some minor door ding removal, a paint job, carpets and new seat covers and it will be an excellent "driver". I have both the original emission carb setup and a Hitachi-SU carb setup for it. It also has factory A/C.

It is a "Matching Numbers, Rust-Free Arizona car", and would be a good concours restoration candidate.

This has nothing to do with the cars but here are two more of my "laptops" in front of the computer.

The one on the left is "Sir-Bug", (Don't ask, my wife named him), and the one on the right is "Lil' Guy". They're best of buddies and hang around together. When I'm on the net, they're usually here keeping me company.

In Memoriam

Sir-Bug passed away on October 9, 2001 from cancer.

I'll miss him.


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